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Lightboxes are an effective way to increase visibility and attract attention to your message. We have a full range of lightboxes, from ultra-slim wall mounted fabric light boxes to expansive large format walls of light spanning up to 50 meters long. 

Whatever your requirement, we have a lightbox that can meet your objective, thanks to:

  • Custom fabric light box frames, manufactured to any size and shape required
  • Vibrant, high-quality stretch fabric graphics that are both durable and cost-effective, due to their small footprint 
  • Incredibly easy installation
  • Fully recyclable fabrics and eco-friendly inks, due to our dye-sublimation process
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Our lightboxes can be specified in a range of light colour temperatures, dimmable, single or double-sided and can be wall-mounted, hung or freestanding. In addition, some models come with magnetic systems so that products can be displayed on their surfaces.

All of our fabric light boxes use the tension fabric system for high impact seamless printed graphics meaning they can adapt easily to new interiors, promotions and messages by simply changing the fabric.

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or you can email Tom, our Lightbox specialist: tom.sebastiano@themarketingworks.co

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Our range of Fabric Light Boxes

Slimline Lightboxes

To build such shallow lightboxes we laser etch clear acrylic panels with a unique pattern.

When the panel is lit along its edge, light travels internally through the acrylic core interacting with the laser-etched pattern, this results in an even distribution of light across its entire surface.

Our aluminium profiles all feature the standard tension fabric light boxes channel for easily interchangeable graphics.

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Fabric Light Boxes

LEDGE 22 Light Box

  • At only 22mm deep LEDGE 22 is our slimmest ever lightbox
  • Its ultra-slim profile makes it perfect for wall mounting and incorporating into bespoke units
  • Using edge-lit panel technology LEDGE 22 perfectly illuminates tension fabric light boxes graphics
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Fabric Light Boxes

LEDGE 34 Light Box

  • At 34mm LEDGE 34 is our most popular slimline lightbox, slim enough for most wall-mounted applications
  • Its slightly deeper profile allows for even larger custom sizes
  • Using edge-lit panel technology LEDGE 34 perfectly illuminates tension fabric graphics
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Large Format Lightboxes

Our large format lightboxes are made using the most technologically advanced solid-state LED lighting for high brightness levels, and perfectly even light distribution across their large, interchangeable tension fabric graphic surfaces.

Available in bespoke sizes and shapes, they can be ceiling hung, wall-mounted, wrapped around columns or freestanding.

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fabric lightboxes

LEDGE 135 Light Box

  • A backlit tension fabric lightbox, LEDGE 135 uses a 135mm deep frame and is designed to be wall-mounted or freestanding in larger sizes.
  • LEDGE 135 utilises flexible LEDs for high-powered illumination, with even graphic illumination and features the standard fabric channel for easily interchangeable graphics.
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LEDGE 65 Light Box

  • LEDGE 65 is manufactured using a 65mm slim aluminium frame.
  • Combining back panels and flexible linear LED tape, LEDGE 65 is designed to be wall-mounted and can be scaled up to 50 x 5m and of course, features our standard fabric channel for easily interchangeable graphics.
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fabric light box

LEDGE 46 Light Box

  • LEDGE 46 uses a 46mm deep frame and is designed to seamlessly wrap columns and corners.
    The precision-engineered aluminium profile of LEDGE 46 with its unique shape allows for 90º edge-to-edge graphic corners.
  • Ledge 46 utilises our latest LED optic technology, which distorts the light beam to ensure even, high output, illumination.
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Double-Sided Light Boxes

Making the most of available space and maximising visual impact, our double-sided light boxes ensure your retail displays are seen in the very best light possible.

Customised to your exact needs, colours, and specifications, fabric graphics can be updated quickly and easily, without a visual mechanising teams, helping to lower overall logistical costs.

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fabric light

LEDGE 105 LED Light Boxes

  • LEDGE 105 is a side-lit freestanding lightbox, supplied flat packed for easy self-assembly and reduced shipping costs.
  • LEDGE 105 is a double-sided LED lightbox that uses low energy ultra-bright LED modules and can be combined with our innovative magnetic display system – Magnetik.
  • Magnetik is a concealed magnetic shelving system, creating a complete illuminated graphic and product display solution.
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fabric light-boxes

LEDGE 50 Lightbox

  • LEDGE 50 is a lightweight, high-quality lightbox suitable for ceiling-hung signage, integrated gondola signage, and wayfinding.
  • Our thinnest double-sided lightbox, LEDGE 50 uses edge-lit panel technology to provide bright and even illumination on both sides, from a single light source.
  • Its high brightness levels and perfectly even light distribution illuminate your message beautifully on both sides.
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Fabric Light Box Applications

Low profile wall-mounted LED light boxes with silicone edge graphics (SEG), designed to mount seamlessly onto walls, either recessed or face-mounted with minimal structural support required.

Fast turnaround with printed UV or Dye-sublimated prints.

TFS light boxes, designed to be easily transportable and sturdy enough for freestanding capabilities.

Manufactured in the UK for optimal quality and turnaround time.

It’s also possible to suspend a light box from the ceiling in store or at events, by combining our engineering know-how with a little creativity.

This results in stunning light box displays.

Our LED Lighting

Lighting is integral to our light box displays.

Our manufacturing process involves only the highest quality lighting suppliers, ensuring the diodes and components within your light box stand the test of time and provide the colour temperature, output and specification you’re looking for.

Creating an edge-lit light box that retains impeccable lighting distribution is a challenge, but thanks to our complex algorithms, which are put to use on one of the UK’s largest laser-etching machines to create a ‘weighted’ dot pattern, we achieve this with every light box.

The heat generated by LED lighting is dispersed by the aluminium frame surrounding your light box, resulting in longer-lasting lighting and much safer environments.

Our Client Projects

fabric light box

KGA - BVLGARI, Jimmy Choo

KGA and Key Display were looking for a premium display that could be installed into multiple department stores across the UK, whilst reducing their logistical footprint.

Our Ledge 105 LED Lightbox was the perfect product to meet this brief. We provided a flat-pack solution that integrated side-fire LED modules designed to evenly illuminated bespoke graphics. The carefully-selected LED modules were combined with optics that focus the beam angle, resulting in perfectly even illumination across the entire surface of the graphic.

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Cafe Du Cycliste

To complement the store’s retail displays, Café Du Cycliste chose to feature our slimline tension fabric frames both wall-mounted and integrated into a bespoke window display.

With its large seamless graphic presentation, fast print turnaround and simple self-installation, our slimline tension fabric frames and printed fabric graphics offer cost-effective and attractive retail graphics solutions.

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Our light boxes are made from aluminium, one of the world’s most efficient materials, especially in this application. Due to aluminium’s lightweight nature, your light box will be incredible easy to ship, install, and transport.

Plus, each light box is made with LED lighting, an incredibly efficient light source that offers unparalleled control over light output and colour temperature.


Our light boxes are made from lightweight recycled aluminium.

Each light box is easy to disassemble using just one tool and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

This makes them great for trade shows, events and retail spaces.

High impact graphics

With over 20 years of experience working in the print industry, we know how to specify the highest quality materials – delivering the sharpest, move vibrant light box graphics to you.

We can advise on the type of print for your specific application (for example, some are more hard-wearing than others, whilst some produce deeper hues) and will manage the entire process from spec to installation.

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