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Tension Fabric Frames create graphic displays in an almost limitless range of sizes, that are incredibly easy to transport, install and replace.

  • Easy to assemble – only one tool needed
  • Versatile system with a range of depths, from 17mm to 135mm
  • Freestanding, Wall-mounted, Ceiling-hung and Interlinked applications
  • Simple removal & insertion of tension fabric graphics
  • Ideal for exhibition stands, event backdrops, retail & window displays, showrooms, receptions
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Whether wall-mounted, freestanding or backlit, tension fabric frames create a unique alternative to traditional print, enabling you to maximise visibility and capture the attention effectively of your visitors. 

Our tension fabric frames can be produced in a range of colours, sizes, and can be composed to be 3D, single, or double-sided. Tension fabric frames allows you the freedom and choice of how you want your message to come across.

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Our range of Tension Fabric Frames

Single Sided TFS

  • This is our most versatile graphic solution for wall-mounted displays.
  • Robust enough to construct large graphic spans and at only 32mm profile depth is slim and elegant.
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Double Sided TFS

  • High impact, double-sided display tension fabric solution used to make walls and structures.
  • It is also capable of freestanding or being ceiling-hung.
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Curved TFS

  • Vertical and horizontal curves can be used to create dynamic walls, special features, archways, PODs and many other unique design solutions.
  • Curved tension fabric profile can be both single or double sided.
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Micro TFS

  • Our slimmest tension fabric profile, measuring only 17mm deep.
  • Micro tension fabric profile is ideal for wall-mounting where minimal frame visibility is desirable, and footprint is kept to the absolute minimum.
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  • Creates seamless graphics corners both internally and externally.
  • Fabric graphics run right up to corners without the need for a post.
  • With 3D profile, you can create room sets, break-out areas, suspended cubes and a wide variety of other display solutions.
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People also ask...

Tension fabric frames are a method of displaying graphics that are printed onto a fabric panel and inserted onto an aluminum frame, using silicone edging which has been sewn onto the outside of the print, creating a seamless finish.

The purpose of tension fabric frames is to display graphics and prints in a unique way with non-lit or illuminated frames that engage and appeal with visitors in your exhibition, or people visiting your store. 

Our tension fabric frames are made of aluminum with lightweight and secure components that are easy to assemble – using just one tool, that can be wall-mounted or freestanding displays. 

Our tension fabric frames provide high-quality displays to maximise engagement, with our fabric tension frames visually appealing to your audiences. Tension fabric frames allow you to experiment with your creativity whilst providing you with the display solution you need.

You can create anything from curved display to ceiling hung cubes. Allowing you the freedom you need in order to enhance audience engagement.

“Tension fabric frames provide you with a high-quality display for your prints and graphics whilst also enhancing and transforming a space.”

Tension fabric frames are:

  • Endlessly versatile 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • High quality 
  • Easy to install 
  • Visually engaging
  • Range of shapes and sizes available 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Lightweight 

Our Client Projects

fabric light box

KGA - BVLGARI, Jimmy Choo

KGA and Key Display were looking for a premium display that could be installed into multiple department stores across the UK, whilst reducing their logistical footprint.

Our Ledge 105 LED Lightbox was the perfect product to meet this brief. We provided a flat-pack solution that integrated side-fire LED modules designed to evenly illuminated bespoke graphics. The carefully-selected LED modules were combined with optics that focus the beam angle, resulting in perfectly even illumination across the entire surface of the graphic.

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light box

Cafe Du Cycliste

To complement the store’s retail displays, Café Du Cycliste chose to feature our slimline tension fabric frames both wall-mounted and integrated into a bespoke window display.

With its large seamless graphic presentation, fast print turnaround and simple self-installation, our slimline tension fabric frames and printed fabric graphics offer cost-effective and attractive retail graphics solutions.

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Our tension fabric frames are made entirely of aluminum which is one of the world’s most efficient materials. The great thing about aluminum is that it is incredibly lightweight, meaning you can easily and effortlessly transport, ship and install your tension fabric frames.


Our tension fabric frames are made from lightweight recycled aluminum, making it effortless to transport your tension fabric frame.

Each tension fabric frame is easy to disassemble and reassemble with the use of only one tool in just a couple of minutes

Tension fabric frames are a great option for trade shows, events, and retail spaces.

High impact graphics

With over 20 years of experience working in the print industry, we know how to specify the highest quality materials – delivering the sharpest, most vibrant tension fabric frame graphics to you.

We can advise on the type of print for your specific application (for example, some are more hard-wearing than others, whilst some produce deeper hues) and will manage the entire process from spec to installation.

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